Eltekon has done assignments for listed companies, SME's and different kind of organizations.


Eltecon acted as a consultant in the SFS ISO 26000 project (2012-2013) on how to use and integrate the standard.  Companies participating in the project were Kiantama, Kiilto, Northland Resources, Taskut, Vexve and Vivago.

Recent publication

Törnroos Laila, 2011, Kestävän kehityksen ja yhteiskuntavastuun standardit ja normit, TEK


Eltekon cooperates with other CSR experts. See Network.

Laila Törnroos, CEO

PhD (Tech, environmental management, 2005) and MSc (Chemistry).

Laila has since 2004 been involved in the development of the international standard ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility. The standard was published in late 2010. She was a Member of the SFS TK 117 committee on social responsibility and was nominated as an expert for the ISO meetings.

Laila has been involved in environmental and CSR innovation, standardization and implementation projects for more than 10 years.  Laila has more than 20 years of experience as a trainer and lecturer and she holds a teachers license.